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On July 3rd, TIGoR Applied for Membership into the UAC.After reviewing the whole UAC Document, and conversing with members of the guild, I realized that Neither the UAC or RWC were the right governments for our guild. And, as I write this, I am reviewing the Free form Gov't, an apparent clone of the RWC. So, it is on this day,the 6th of July, 1997, that I, Ian McDugal, Grand Commander of the guild TIGoR, do hereby lay the groundwork for the U.G.C., with the assistance of Lady Contani. And it is so noted, that on this day, the 1st of September, Richard Ryan has assumed what should be, permanent control (Until Election time), of the UGC.
Ok,now that I'm done tooting my horn, let's get down to the basics of the problem.Both the UAC,and the RWC have some form of Experience points.I kinda agree with this.What I don't agree with,however,is the way they handout the initial points to joining guilds. As the UAC said in their Document,you would receive 2x the starting member total for your guild.Well,in a guild of 50 people for example, you would only get 100 XP's.And when you need 50 points just to go to 2d21,the leadership of the guild goes into jeopardy,as everyone is now on an even footing.
So,point #1:All joining guilds will receive 100x(!) their starting member total.These points are to be distributed to all current members only! {The minimum number for a new guild is 30 members.} Listed below is a cascading system of earned experience for the increasing of dice. As you will see,rising through the lower dice will go rapidly,while rising through the higher dice will take more&more points to achieve the desired dice.This is realistic,just look at a AD&D Players Handbook.The Fighter Experience table is a good example.You will see that going from 1st to 2nd level is pretty easy, but going from 7th to 8th level,now THERE is an accomplishment.
2d20=0pts 2d21=10pts 2d22=20pts 2d23=40pts 2d24=60pts
2d25=80pts 2d26=100pts 2d27=125pts 2d28=150pts 2d29=175pts
2d30=200pts 2d31=225pts 2d32=250pts 2d33=275pts 2d34=300pts
2d35=400pts 2d36=450pts 2d37=500pts 2d38=550pts 2d39=600pts
2d40=700pts 2d41=800pts 2d42=900pts 2d43=1000pts 2d44=1500pts
2d45=1750pts 2d46=2000pts 2d47=2500pts 2d48=3000pts 2d49=3500pts
2d50=4000pts 2d51=4500pts 2d52=5000pts 2d53=5500pts 2d54=6000pts
2d55=7500pts 2d56=8000pts 2d57=8500pts 2d58=9000pts 2d59=9500pts
2d60=10,000pts 2d61=11,000pts 2d62=12,000pts 2d63=13,000pts 2d64=14,000pts
2d65=15,000pts 2d66=16,000pts 2d67=17,000pts 2d68=18,000pts 2d69=19,000pts
2d70=20,000pts 2d71=22,500pts 2d72=25,000pts 2d73=27,500pts 2d74=30,000pts
2d75=32,500pts 2d76=35,000pts 2d77=37,500pts 2d78=40,000pts 2d79=45,000pts
2d80=50,000pts 2d81=55,000pts 2d82=60,000pts 2d83=65,000pts 2d84=70,000pts
2d85=75,000pts 2d86=80,000pts 2d87=85,000pts 2d88=90,000pts 2d89=95,000pts
2d90=100,000pts 2d91=125,000pts 2d92=150,000pts 2d93=175,000pts
2d94=200,000pts 2d95=225,000pts 2d96=250,000pts 2d97=275,000pts
2d98=300,000pts 2d99=400,000pts 2d100=500,000(!)pts.
Now,as you can see,it starts out easy,but gets harder and harder as you progress higher and higher. Now,how do I earn these Exp's you may ask? Well, much the same way you earn them in the RWC or the UAC. By Sparring and by recruiting. Now, I will be copying a few points from the UAC, but not in the same fashion.
1) Sparring: When you fight a spar,you will receive 5x the difference in EXP's as by how much you win by(i.e.: the final score is 10-6 you, so you would earn 20 points).If you lose a spar,you earn 5 points,as when even though you lost,you still LEARNED from the Experience.Now,this doesn't mean go nuts sparring people with uneven dice.You can fight any spar with any dice,BUT,if you fight a Spar in which the two sides are unmatched( 2d20 vs 2d40 ) then the spar does NOT count for points.The maximum allowed spread for point Awards is 5 dice points.( ie=a 2d20 can spar,and get points against a 2d25,but not a 2d26,who he can fight,but won't get points for it.)
2)Slave & Honor Matches:These fights earn even more points to the victor,along with a new slave(For SM's only).The EXP's earned from SM's are 10x the victors point spread(win by 4,get 40 points). An important note: Some of you have been abusing the Slave Match,by fighting one for the points,and only keeping the loser for a minute or so.As of this moment,that ends.If you fight a Slave Match,and you win,the loser must be listed as a slave for a period of time no less then,72 hours(IRL).They must list it in their Profile,as always,and again,no resolutions are allowed.Also,it has come up,That people have been Abusing the Honor Match as well.Fighting an Honor Match,just because it is worth more points,invalidates the match.Honor Matches are for just that,the restoration of someone's Honor.Period. At the end of this Document is a Fine Schedule which will be imposed upon anyone who Violates the guidelines & rules of Rhydin.
3)Death Matches:The DM is the ultimate Spar.Two men enter,one man leaves.As with the traditional DM,I intend to change nothing.The winner gets 25x the point spread,and the loser DELETES.Period.End of discussion.If you are foolhardy enough to jump into a DM,then live with the consequences.There are NO Resolutions in the UGC.
4)Now,Recruiting:As for the recruiting of new members,these members must have there applications reviewed by a Council member(IE Guild Commander) before they may be allowed to join.This way,the High Council can Allocate initial points(if appropriate) to the new recruit.The person who recruited him(or her) recieves 5x the allotted points(5 if none were awarded).The maximum any new member would receive,is 100 points(ie 2d26).
4a)Guild Recruiting:When you recruit a guild,and bring them into the UGC,the recruiting person earns exps based on the following formula: # of members in the recruited guild x 100=the total points earned.The recruiter gets half,and the other half go to the point pool of your guild.
5)Spies:When a spy turns in a Roster of a Guild(That I don't have on File),they receive 50 exps times the number of members in the guild.Roster updates are credited to you at a flat 50 exps per update.
Next order is Council Representation.
1) All member guilds will send one of their members to the High Council.These people decide the course of the U.G.C.,in the matters of Wars,New Guild memberships,etc.
2)The High Chancellor:The High Chancellor for the U.G.C. is idycontani.She sits at the forefront of the High Council,and when a vote comes forward to be passed or rejected,her vote is the most important.If the council says War,and it is not unanimous,and she says NO,there is no war.If the Council is Unanimous,War is declared.The High Chancellor carries the voting power of three(3)Guilds,any guild who disobeys her directive, will be placed on "Outlaw Status" for 1 week.Afterwards, a High Council meeting will convene to decide the fate of the Outlaws.(Sounds kinda like the Klingon High Council doesn't it, It should,that is where I got the Idea.)Due to comparisons to the UAC,I am changing the leadership rules.After 6 months(IRL)there will be Elections,to determine the next leader of the UGC.The Elections for the next High Chancellor will be held January 5th,1998.The candidates for the election will be chosen from the Guild Leaders of the High Council.All UGC members may Vote for one of these Individuals,who will run the UGC for the next 6 months.If at any point a High Chancellor is killed or steps down before their tenure is over they may chose their replacement who will serve until the next scheduled election.
3)EXP assignments: Each guild will receive a weekly allotment of EXP's based on the total number in the guild.
4)Restrictions:As of this moment(7/23/97),the guilds restriction has been removed.As of this time,there are no plans to reinstate it.
5)Wars: Warring among members of the U.G.C. is pretty much an open affair,so long as certain precautions are taken: 1)PoW's:When you lose a War fight(usually is a DM),you become a PoW of the side you lost to.You gain the standard 5 exps,and stay a PoW for a number of days equal to the number of points by which you lost the fight.
2)Victory Assessment:When one side of war loses,or concedes defeat,the victor recieves Exp's based on the following formula: # of members in Victor guild-minus-# of non-PoW members in defeated guild x 100=points gained by Victor. ( ie: if there are 45 members in the victorious guild,and only 19 members left in the defeated guild who aren't PoW's, then the victors receive(26x100)=2600 points to be divided EVENLY amongst all Members of the guild.In the case of our example guild,they would receive 57 points per member,in addition to the DM points their members won during the conflict. Now, some of you may Whine&Moan about this saying, "well,joe456 is in our guild,but he wasn't on-line the day of the War, so why should he get points?" Well, the answer is simple. Is he on the roster? Did he help get your guild the initial points by being in the guild in the first place,and did he also add to the strength of your guild when the victory points were assessed? Well then, he gets a share.
Ok, there is one point about sparring I neglected to mention:Logging.All spars must be logged.Proctors are not required, but the logs MUST be turned in to your Division Commanders( or Tower Commanders,Legion Generals,or Whatever),as this is the only way to be certain of Honesty.
Amendment#1: Assassins:The old rule of the AA Dagger is gone,but forcing Assassin's to fight Death Matches just to off someone just makes them Low-profile Fighters.So,this is the proposal that has been presented to the UGC. First of all, Assassins work through Stealth,which is damn hard to represent on-line. So, to make up for this, the UGC proposes the following System. When an Assassin has a target in sight(ie in the same room), he sends the target an IM stating that he is the target of an Assassination.The Assassin then states his Attempt to kill, ( ie: ::Fires poisoned dart at Joe456's chest::) . The Targets MUN now knows his SN has been targeted BUT can DO NOTHING about it,as in the RPG sense,the SN has no clue what is happening. The assassin then rolls His dice,and must score at least 5 points(10 points in the case of a SN),in the Assassination attempt, to kill his Target. Now,I know what some of you are saying,"In this way,a 2d20 Assassin can never kill anyone",and I say that's correct.Look up Assassination in the AD&D players handbook,and tell me how easy it is for a 1st level Assassin to Assassinate someone.You will see,that the more experienced an Assassin is, the easier it is to Assassinate people. Now,the victim is entitled 1 chance at avoiding the Assassination.After the MUN receives the IM,he may roll a Perception check(based on 2d20),but must score 2 points(ie a 20,or a 15+on BOTH dice)to notice that something is amiss.(Ok,Here is the Bodyguard rule:If a person has "bodyguard to XXXXX" in there profile,they are also allowed to make perception rolls.If he fails,the attempt goes on,but if he succeeds,the attempt still goes on,and the roll the Assassin makes is counted as Damage in the case of a Death Match.(Also note,that the more powerful the target,the more points are required to kill him,based on his or her dice(Example,if your target has 2d20,he gets killed on a 5(10 for SN)point hit,and this goes up at a ratio of 10 to 1{2d30=6;2d40=7;2d50=8 etc.}so,it gets harder to kill a more experienced target.).( ie: out of the corner of his eye,Joe456 sees the Assassin point his wrist crossbow at him,and manages to turn just enough,so the dart hits him in the arm,instead of the chest,thus slowing the poison,and allowing him to fight,instead of being instantly dropped.) All Assassins engaged in a DM due to being spotted,fight with their guild dice. Now,Assassins earn Exp's differently then when they Assassinate people.If the Assassination is successful,the Assassin earns points based on the strength of his target listed below.If the attempt resorts to a DM,and the Assassin wins,he recieves the same points a regular DM would give him,plus 50 for the attempt.If he loses,well,it WAS a DM....... EXP's for assassins: Target Dice Are: 2d20 to 25=100pts;2d26 to 30=150pts;2d31 to 35=300pts;2d36 to40=450pts 2d41 to 45=600pts;2d46 to 50=900pts;2d51 to 55=1200pts;2d56 to 60=1500 pts; 2d61 to 65=2000pts;2d66 to 70=2500pts;2d71 to 75=3000pts;2d76 to 80=4500pts; 2d81 to 85=6000pts;2d86 to 90=9000pts;2d91 to 95=12000pts;2d96 to 100=15000pts! Double all these figures if the target is a supernatural.
Well,I hope this solves the problem of the 'assassins just a fighter' .Let me know how you all like it,and I will streamline it if need be. (note as it can be easy to get killed by an assassin we have created " priests" who can resurrect victims of assassins, but if an assassin get killed during an AA attempt He/She CAN NOT be resurrected)
Amendment#2)Dragons: This is a small problem,as the actual number of Unaligned Dragons is small.As for dragon dice,this is a 2 part solution.The first part deals with the Dragon itself,and the second part deals with dealing with a dragon. 1)Ok,I have spoken to several Dragon players,and I have come up with the perfect solution to the current weakness in Dragon Dice.As a human,a dragon would use his standard Guild dice.But,when he shifts to Dragon form,he now gets twice his normal dice( ie: a 2d30 Dragon,in human form,would get 4d30 as a dragon).I see this as perfectly acceptable,considering step 2. 2)Ok,now that we have established Dragons as a THREAT again,lets deal with them.As most of you know,any single fighter type,in an HONEST AD&D game,short of a Lord,is Toast against a dragon 1 on 1.So,we come to Mass-Engagement.Now,any good adventuring party that is out to slay a dragon(and get its treasure),will usually consist of 4 to 8 people.Now,1 on 1, a dragon is a deadly opponent,but with 4 people attacking it,it's power tends to diminish.So,when engaging a Dragon,DON'T GO ALONE!!! In a fight with a Dragon where more then one person is involved,the sequence of combat would look like this:( Joe456,and his friends:RobBoy,StarElf,and PureHeal are seeking DracoLord,a powerful Dragon of 2d45 dice.They find him in Human form,lounging in a Tavern.After Joe confronts him and makes his intentions known,Draco shifts to Dragon form,and the fight begins.After inits has been rolled,it is revealed that Draco goes last.So,Joe and co. start there Attacks.All of Joe's forces attack,then Draco unloads on one of them with 4d45. One other point to note:In dragon form,a dragon takes twice the normal # of points to "kill".(This applies to Spars,as well as SM's,DM's and Wars.)
Okay,now that the dragon is dead,we need to divide the loot(exps).If your SN dies while fighting a Dragon,you gain NO points.(After all,dead men can't spend gold)So,the Exps from the kill,are multiplied by the normal 25(for a DM),then by 2(It WAS a Dragon,after all!),and then they are split evenly among the survivors. The dice strength is the formula for calculating Exp's when dealing with a Dragon.(IE=are friend above,at 2d45,would be worth(45x(25x2)=2250(!)Exp's.
Okay,now let's deal with the other outcome,the Dragon Wins.Now using our sample party,we re-start the fight,but this time,Draco goes first.He attacks RobBoy,with 4d45,and rolls 12,40,25,and 37.The Damage to Rob is 14 points(!),and they haven't even attacked yet! Rob is 6 points from death(As in a Mass Engagement,Humans have 20 pts only,Period.)The fight continues,and Draco prevails.The Experience points he gains is based on the following formula: # of Opponents x Their best dice x 25(DM),so are sample party would be worth (2d30 for Joe,30x4x25=3000Exp's(!)
This system works well for Dragons,So if you have an Archangel,DemonLord,Master Vampire,Werewolf,Angel,Immortal(Highlander),Known Fantasy(AD&D)Monster,or RIFTS Creature,you qualify as a Super-Natural.But what you are must be listed in your Profile.
One other point to note,SuperNaturals CANNOT be Assassins.If you are a dragon,then that is all you are,not a Dragon/Assassin.
Ammendment#3)The UGC has devised a new ranking system do to the increase in dice.It Was felt that a Standardized Ranking System Would make things easier for the Guild Commander,and is as follows: Please Note your new Rank
RANKS ( remember you earn the dice THEN you get the rank) High Council 2d91 to 2d100 and GC Field marshal-2d86 to 2d90 General-2d81 to 2d85 Maj.General-2d76 to 2d80 Lt. General- 2d71 to 2d75 Colonel- 2d66 to 2d70 Lt.Colonel- 2d61 to 2d65 Major-2d56 to 2d60 Captain- 2d51 to 2d55 Lieutenant- 2d46 to 2d50 2nd Lieutenant- 2d41 to 2d45 Master Sergeant- 2d36 to 2d40 Sergeant- 2d31 to 2d35 Corporal-2d26 to 2d30 Private-2d20 to 2d25
Amendment #4:Priest/ess Rules for the UGC. (These aren't Healers,folks,these are actual priests,the ones who raise the dead,remove curses,the real deal,not walking med-kits,which are Healers, Priest can however heal and fight.Priests can be shamen,pastors,medicine men ect, it is no perticular religion. (priest/ess must be of Good or neurtal allignment, as the main purpose of priest is to counter assassins.) Points go higher depending on how formal and on how complicated you make your ceremonies, on services that require no roll. All Duties and/or services must be loged to count for EXP's You must state what is being done at the beginning of the log. You must list the total of " hits" per person at the end of the log, if hits were needed.
Clergy Duties EXP's points to hit needed to roll to suceed
Blessings 10 ........................................none............................ Baptisms 25 and up..............................none........................... Divorce 25 and up...............................none.......................... Sermons 25 and up...............................none......................... Counciling, confessions ect 25 and up...............................none....................... Burials 40 and up.......................... ....none...................... Last Rights 40 and up...............................none....................... Marriages 50 and up................................none...................... Stopping a DM 50 and up...............................none.............................. Removal of curses 50 and up.......5 for minor curses......25 for major curses (explanation of curse to be removed must accompany log) Soul Transfers 150.......................................20..(used to unvamp people) Raise the dead 200 ..........................................40...... Notes on raiseing the dead: Priest/ess must be assisted by a healer and can not be use on people who died in a DM,immortals,or on evil creatures,such as deamons.Both a priest and a healer must hit for at least 5 points each for the resurection to work, but the points total needed is still 40.Only in a resurection does a priest have to have a healer to help. ( note a person can only be resurrected once for every 20 points of dice they own and must state how many times they have been resurrected in their profiles) Failed attempt at anything. ( i.e. never hit) .................... 20........ Failed Attempt at resurection,Soul Tranfers or Removal of Curses (i,e, hit but didn't get enough points total to do the job) 10Xpoints per successfully " hit" Priest/ess's and Healers can work together to get the needed points, example. Sam has died he was killed by a slaver in an attempt to free a slave......Sue a priestess with 2d30 dice, Max a priest with 2d25's, and Mary a healer with 2d40's all work to raise him. Sue rolls 5 24 she has sucessfully " hit" for 2 points twords raiseing sam. Max rolls a 12 14 and misses so he can't keep trying to help. Mary rolls 25 39 for a whopping 8 points twords the raising of sam. Sue rolls again and gets a 30 30 and because 30 is her max it doubles for 16 points. Mary rolls and gets 18 34 good for another 5 points. Sue goes again and gets a 5 14 she has missed so can't keep helping. Mary rolls again and gets a 40 25 for 9 points. Yahoo !! they did it ...sam has been raised from the dead.....the total of their points equaled 40 points exactly just enough to do the job.. The points are awarded, and Sue and Mary each get 200 points because they each " hit" and Max gets 20 points for at least trying. If in the example above when Mary made her last roll if she had gotten a 12 14 for a complete miss, they would have failed and could no longer try to to raise sam, because they each had a complete miss. The points would have gone like this Max gets 20 exp's for trying. Sue hit for 18 pionts so gets 10x18 for 180 exp's, and Mary hit for 13 so gets 10x13 for 130 exp's (note the log is easier to read if each person lists how many points they "hit" for after each roll)
Fine Schedule for the UGC (in exp) Fighting a MisMatched Spar:(Where one person's dice,are higher then the 5 point limit): Invalidation of Spar. Fighting an Honor Match:(When Honor was never in Question):3000 pts Insubordination to a Superior Officer of the UGC:3000 exps+*