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Two figures jumped out of the ditch and landed on the ground. They were immediately mowed down by dozens upon dozens of arrows. They traitors appeared unstoppable. Then out of nowhere two things dropped from the clouds and landed in the ditch. They seemed human at first, but they were massive, their muscles bulging, and they seemed inhumanly tall.
"Need help buddy boy?" one of them said. "Let me intoduce ourselves, I am HidaKasada, Supreme Grand Commander of the Angels of Chaos, and this, if my grand commander, Ghaleon LaVan McRoever. You sended a message for help, and help has arrived."
"But you two against 3 whole squads of heavily armed traitors?" the seargent blurted out.
"YOU UNDERESTIMATE US MY FRIEND!" they both seemed to tower over the puny seargent.
With that last note, they hopped out of the ditch and charged into the heavily defended garrison. They were shot at with volley after volley of arrows. Some magical aura seemed to protect them. And whatever got thru the magical shield bounced harmlessly off of their armor. They unsheathed their magical swords, glowing with power, and started cutting down everything in site. Man after man was cut down. Their bodies split in half or decapitated. Some tried to run away. Those were the ones that were killed first. After they we're all killed. they were maimed and burned. The seargent crawled out of the ditch and ran to HidaKasada.
"sorry i ever doubted you" he murmured. HidaKasada grabbed his sword and with one swift motion cut off the seargents' head. "Apology accepted" he said with an evil tone.